Product portfolio analysis

Cravates rangées

Use advanced analysis capabilities to improve the understanding of growth and profitability drivers.

The challenge

In the context of a disposal process, our client, a private equity firm and majority shareholder of B2C consumer goods manufacturing group, commissioned us for a financial due diligence. The client wanted the VDD work to put a particular emphasis on the product portfolio sales performance analyses, which were particularly difficult  to realize due to the group’s geographical footprint and its consequential exposure to foreign exchange fluctuations.

This work had been particularly difficult for management to apprehend due to the heterogeneity and low maturity of IT systems within the group, which did not share a common set up and did not communicate with one another.

In addition, the width of the product portfolio implied that a large range of analyses were required in order to obtain a clear and consolidated understanding of the business profitability. Due to these limitations, management had historically not been able to operate a bottom-up approach on these matters and present a global view of the performance.

The outcome

Using advanced data aggregation and analysis, we were able to isolate for each product, pure price and volume effects from the impacts of foreign exchange variations, stock valuation, or variance in standard costs for production and intercompany sales.

Providing the ability to drill-down into product range and highlighting detailed and accurate drivers of sales and margin gave management more clarity on the effects impacting its business resulting in insightful discussions while also providing Management and the due diligence team more relevant axis to understand the performance of the business.

While working alongside Management on this project, we were also able to help them turn our insights into action and define a framework in order evaluate and improve data consistency across all entities.

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