Prove the equity story

Rayon de fruits et légumes

Use advanced analytics at the center of the vendor assistance process to bring data-driven understanding to company-wide business performance.

The challenge

Our client, a leader in the food industry, required vendor assistance to gain a clearer picture of its financial performance and business drivers ahead of a disposal process.

The client’s IT systems were composed of separate accounting and financial systems with non-standardized charts of accounts which meant that the data environment was complex and disparate.

The client, its sell-side advisors, and ultimately potential bidders needed vast amounts of data and analyses to gain a deep understanding of the underlying performance of the business and prepare the company’s forecasts.

Limited availability of internal resources and a lack of centralized financial reporting systems and analyses limited management’s ability to articulate a detailed equity story before the sale process was initiated.

The outcome

We applied advanced data processing, and blending techniques to create and deliver a powerful deal dataset, allowing dynamic and in-depth analyses providing accurate and new insight to the business drivers and performance.

Based on our analyses, Management was able to deep dive into robust and consistent financial information which backed their opinion on the different profitability levels of each business unit, which could not be isolated before.

The output provided Management with a new structure to analyze this complex business in a way which is consistent across all its subsidiaries and easily explainable to third parties.

Management gained the confidence to accurately articulate the business performance to potential investors, build the foundations of its business plan and were better prepared for investors’ questions and requests at critical stages of the deal.

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