Transformative Utilities business insights

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Use advanced analytics ahead of a deal process to provide insights on performances and assess the company’s competitive positioning.

The challenge

Our client, a large company in the utilities industry, operates under numerous contracts signed with its clients. These contracts are attributed by local municipalities in France.

We were engaged at a pre-deal stage to gain a clearer picture of its financial/operational performance of the contract’s portfolio which was complex considering its size, the various nature of contracts, and different sources of data used to monitor contracts’ performance.

The other challenge was to assess the impact of a new law which changed the criteria of contracts attribution. The objective was to analyze the competitive density on each local market i.e. the positioning of the company compared to its competitors and considering demographics on each local market (at municipality level). 

The outcome

We collected at the communal level, via web-scrapping tools using Python a wide range of public information such as public domain contracts, key indicators of average consumption as well as prices, and location of contracts compared to competitors.

We created a single database of demographic and financial information. By determining the new territorial segmentation, we were able to identify the contracts that would be directly impacted by the new legal framework and measure the net financial impacts.

Working closely with management, we delivered an interactive tool to visualize the potential impacts of the new geographic footprint and to deep dive into the characteristics performances of contracts, at the chosen level (from top level to the most granular level), and under different lenses (competitive intensity, expiry date of contracts, revenue etc…).

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