Define the restructuring strategy

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Bring greater transparency over the profitability of long term contracts and help identify restructuring actions to be implemented.

The challenge

We assisted our client, a worldwide leader in the Energies industry, during a vendor due diligence of one of its business units he wanted to carve-out. The Data & Analytics team stepped in to analyze sales to margin data of 100 000+ projects. The results were key to illustrate the drivers of historical profitability and assist management in defining restructuring actions to be implemented, and quantifying their impacts.

The challenge was to get a clear view of the business by customer and product category and to get a picture of the projects lifecycles while dealing with uneven data coming from multiple databases.

The objective was to (i) identify low-performing projects based on the most granular data, (ii) understand the projects lifecycles to assess which product categories would face financial difficulties and need to be discontinued, (iii) calculate dynamic QoE adjustments at the project level and (iv) update our model quickly on a quarterly basis.

The outcome

We compiled multiple databases at the project level to help the management understand the performance of each segment and the projects lifetimes.

The first part of our work was to combine all client data using PowerQuery and PowerPivot at the project level, with multiple formats, to get a monthly view of the business unit performance, reconciled with the management financial statements.

The second part of our work was to reconstruct projects data to get a good understanding of the project lifecycles and for QoE purposes. Multiple workshops and iterations were required due to poor maintenance of the projects databases.

The third part of our work was to create a dashboard using Tableau to visualize the business unit customer sales, product profitability and market trends. This dashboard was used during multiples Q&A’s with the various stakeholders.

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