Unveil complex business drivers to support management’s strategy

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Use advanced analytics techniques combining commercial, operational and HR data to understand the evolution and performance of large salesforce network in order to surface valuable insights on key business drivers.

The challenge

Our client, a private equity fund, was about to initiate a sale process on one of its portfolio companies specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of apparel, and requested our assistance in analyzing the performance of its salesforce during the vendor due diligence process.

Major strategic changes, particularly around the recruitment, management and commission strategy of the salesforce, had been implemented under the current ownership and represented the foundations of an accelerated growth for the company over the next years, which our client wanted to be precisely illustrated by the vendor due diligence.

Evidencing these strategic choices and their impact was a challenging task that required a deep dive into sales, products, private showrooms history, salespeople, commissions and overall network evolution. We collected and combined 11 Go heterogeneous commercial, operational data covering the past 7 years.

The outcome

We performed detailed analyses on the retail performance such as product lines, customer portfolio and average basket value. We also quickly focused on how to analyze how management choices would sustain high growth in the upcoming years.

Connecting recruitment information to sales data and using advanced analytics techniques, we evidenced how management choices made the overall network much more resilient, better suited to areas where the company was rooted, and able to accelerate its growth internationally. We combined these insights with complex network analyses rendering powerful visualizations to present the salesforce potential.

Our work fueled an accurate and visual rendering of these key insights in the VDD report which allowed bidders to better grasp the complex specificities of the company and its industry and ultimately supported Management’s equity story.

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