Enhanced business modelling and monitoring

Vue aérienne de buildings

Generate powerful and dynamic business models through the application of advanced data analytics techniques.

The challenge

Our client, a real estate group owning multiple buildings and renting office space in the Paris area, wanted to improve its business plan process.

Management historically struggled to update its model which was static, difficult to maintain and needed several days to update each month. Our client also wanted to incorporate more flexibility into its modelling process in order to test different scenarios or assumptions.

The challenge was to enhance the business model in order to incorporate the flexibility to analyze and build projection parameters at different levels of analysis (tenant, asset, SPV, consolidation), down to a very granular level, the group renting space to hundreds of tenants. 

The outcome

We assisted the client in building a new business model structured around a single data model comprising, down to the tenant level, all projection inputs, calculations and outputs.

To do so, multiple workshops were organized to define the different parameters for the tenants, assets, SPV’s or loans to upload in the data model. All calculations were then defined with the client and formulas were created using DAX.

The enhanced version of the business model brought more clarity to the business modelling process, grouping all the information into a single worksheet with detailed P&L, cash flow and balance sheet projections. It also helped management gain a significant time in the updating process through an easy-to-use interface for inputs and outputs.

We also created an interactive dashboard using PowerBI, linked to the business model, summarizing the main projected assumptions and figures of the business.

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