Revealing customer sensitivity to social governance and environmental issues

Bateaux sur l'eau

Using external data and natural language processing techniques, analyse the impact of environmental and social governance labels on customer ratings.

The challenge

Our client, the shareholder of a chain of holiday villages located in France, requested us to analyse the impact of environmental and social governance related labels on customer satisfaction.

More specifically, our client also wanted to gain a clearer picture of the competitive landscape regarding these criteria, notably labels of nearby competitors of its holiday villages.

We also wanted to bring greater insight on the impact of different labels on customer satisfaction and, finally, to determine if there is a correlation between the number of labels and pricing.

As our client did not own any proprietary data, we had to conduct all these analyses using external data.

The outcome

We created a dynamic comparison tool (analysing location, price, labels, ratings, customer comments etc.) centralizing and analysing data of over 200 campsites operated under 6 different brands and collected over 10 000 ratings and comments given by clients in the past 10 year period on specialized online platforms.

We used this unique dataset combined with data analytics techniques to determine the correlation between the number of labels of a camping and ratings or pricing.

We also performed sentimental language analysis, using a Python-based natural language processing tool to qualify customer feedback, positive or negative, associated to ESG related key-words in customer satisfaction comments on specialised websites.

The analysis of comments revealed that our client was behind its competitors in this area, but also that other groups did not communicate more on environmental or social governance issues either.

This project was the opportunity to provide our client with a simple and user-friendly visualisation tool that helped him gain insight on:

  • His positioning, compared to its competitors,
  • Customer perception of ESG related labels.
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