Advanced target screening

Assisting a large hospitality chain in the roll-out of its external growth strategy through data mining and advanced analytics.

The challenge

Our client, a PE-backed hotel chain, was looking to accelerate its development through external growth. Planning for this strategy required a deep understanding of both local and global competitive landscapes and hotels / other lodgings dynamics.

Furthermore, many interesting targets were under traditional radars, consisting of five to 15 hotels centered around a specific location. Only an exhaustive approach could guarantee the best opportunities for our clients’ build-up.

Turning the target screening into a coherent action plan also required granular analyses of key characteristics to assess the fit with our client’s positioning and prioritize the best chains for each of the strategic territories.

The outcome

After interviewing country branch supervisors to specify needs and local characteristics, we identified possible data sources and selected the most relevant indicators (quality, exhaustiveness, availability). We then collected the data through a combination of web scrapping and APIs.

We combined and cleaned sources to build a PowerBI dashboard, presenting indicators (locations, stars, offers, prices, ratings, etc.) for 500k+ lodgings across 10 countries, including 70k hotels and 800 chains.

Based on our model, we analysed our client’s competitive landscape, benchmarked geographical footprint, price positioning and strategy in key areas. Our analyses then focused on identifying the best small / medium size hotel chains to fit the build-up’s requirements.

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