French Executives Network

Your international partner

You wish to strengthen your international market position, to take advantage of France’s dynamism, to find alternative sources of supply or to find new talents and very specific skills? To achieve these goals you need to have available a network of reactive contacts.

What the French Executives Network can bring you

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive array of expertises in order to find the best answers to your issues, collaborating to determine the best solutions, which will produce added value both in the short term and in the long term.

We have established a network of French nationals or French speakers available worldwide. Their mission is to connect you with the relevant PwC persons in France in order to sustain your development in France. It is the French Executives Network.

In some countries such as Germany, Australia, Canada, India, Italy and Japan, PwC has put in place structured teams (French desks). In other countries, dedicated professionals are on hand.

The goal of the FEN is to offer you an array of multidisciplinary services whether it be in advisory (strategy, consulting, transactions), tax and legal services, accounting or audit.

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You wish to settle or develop your firm in France to

  • Acquire a firm
  • Set up a competitive production plant
  • Increase exportations on your own or through partnerships
  • Rely on French partners either for production or R&D
  • Improve your subsidiaries’ operational performance
  • Optimize your international fiscal concerns
  • Managing and developing human resources
  • Ensure your subsidiaries’ audit consistency

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This network operates in 28 countries on every continent

  • Europe: Belgium, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Great Britain.
  • America: Canada, United States, Mexico, Chili, Brazil.
  • Asia: China, Japan, South-Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, India.
  • Pacific: Australia, New Zealand.
  • Middle-East: Turkey, The United Arab Emirates

The network’s members can collaborate with you to achieve your goals in terms of getting established or developing in France by mobilizing experts in French offices.

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The teams you can rely on are

  • A single access to a network of professionals who closely follow local economics.
  • Used to accompanying firms wishing to settle in France.
  • Used to tackling the problems firms are facing in your country.
  • Able to provide your local team with key business insights about France in various languages.
  • Wired with the PwC network in France and globally.

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Matthieu Moussy

Auditeur Expert

Tel : +33 1 56 57 86 30

Xavier Crepon

Xavier Crepon

Associé Responsable du secteur Financial Services

Tel : +33 1 56 57 76 47

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