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Invest in France with PwC

Why invest in France ?

  • The size of the French and European markets: situated at the centre of Europe and with an excellent transport network, France provides easy and rapid access to a huge market.
  • France is also part of the Euro currency area and a member of the Schengen zone for the free movement of people.
  • A source of innovation and creativity with international groups in various industries like: energy, luxury, retailing, etc
  • Lastly, France can also act as a gateway into Maghreb.

Key factor of success in France

  • gaining thorough knowledge of the local market and culture
  • identifying the crucial legal, social and tax issues relevant to your activities
  • developing open and trustworthy relationships with your French partners and associates

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Various forms of assistance are available in France to attract foreign investment

  • R&D credits
  • Clusters
  • Assistance for small and medium sized companies from OSEO
  • Other aid sources linked to recent initiatives

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How we can help you ?

We are a network of firms in 158 countries with more than 236,000 people.
In France, PwC gathers more than 65 nationalities and have developed bi-cultural teams who have vast experience and cultural understanding of the both countries.
They can help you set up and successfully develop your business in France together with their local PwC’s colleagues.
Furthermore, we have a strong experience in serving foreign clients in France to:

  • Open a representative office
  • Adapt your products and services for the local market
  • Chose the right location for your manufacturing facilities or retail site
  • Identify the potential targets or partners
  • Perform a major acquisition
  • Assist you in your regulatory, tax and HR issues.
  • Etc...

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Invest in France


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Matthias Barnert

Matthias Barnert

Associé Audit responsable du German Business Group en France, PwC France et Maghreb

Tel : +33 1 56 57 49 97