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The space sector

Growing demands for global connectivity and environmental monitoring are challenges that can be met by appropriate exploitation of space-based assets. Beyond the community of institutional and private stakeholders directly involved in the sector, the wider space economy includes a larger intermediate and end user base, with a reach that extends to numerous industrial sectors. Space constitutes a key lever for the development of companies, is an indispensable ally for governmental activities and, beside that, is ubiquitous in the citizens everyday lives through telecommunications services, navigation devices or Earth observation applications.
Historically, existing and expected benefits from investment in space have led to a steady demand for space assets, which has been responded by several nations able to develop capabilities and pool resources. In the last few decades private investors have also shown significant interest in space sector domains, such space transportation and Earth Observation.
Today the sector is experiencing profound changes on every segments of the value chain, offering fresh opportunities to both well established players and new comers. In this context, understanding the evolving landscape is pivotal for the stakeholders to creating a successful strategy.


A tailored service offering



Our service offering is systematically tailored to the various challenges of our customers, such as the digital transformation, by supporting them along all the steps of their projects. 

The PwC space team enables its partners to identify the available levers to generate growth through their projects. Our team relies on a strong sectorial expertise, on demonstrated competencies for strategy definition to the optimisation of operations, and on our access to an international and multidisciplinary network of over 200 000 skilled collaborators. 


We support operators in the space sector by helping them to understand their internal and external environment and providing decision makers with an effective strategy for organic and external growth. We help governments and public institutions define space policies or legal frameworks, formulate objectives to improve the well-being of citizens through the use of space assets, and maximise the positive impacts for non-space sectors. Among our service offering, we provide market characterisation (sizing, trends, competitive landscape analysis, etc.), evaluation of business cases and revenue projections, definition and assessment of diversification strategies or gap analyses and evaluation of market opportunities and barriers.

Socio-economic impact assessments

PwC, together with its partner Cambridge Econometrics, has developed a comprehensive suite of methodologies to cover the whole spectrum of socio-economic impact assessments. The approach, which has been used and validated on numerous occasions, can be applied to large-scale public investments or private investments in infrastructure. The assessments rely on commonly accepted methodologies and taxonomies to produce results that are comparable with other industrial sectors and that can be used to support effective decision making and policy design. We support our customers by providing for instance GDP impact assessments, catalytic and non-monetary impact assessments, Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA) or public policy impact assessments.

Programme Management

PwC Programme & Project Management experts have gained extensive experience supporting their clients in implementing tailored organisational and operational best practices based on field-proven methodologies, and conducting successful industrial programmes with a focus on finding the perfect compromise between a high return on investment and risk mitigation. As part of our Programme Management service offering, we bring our support to your projects for the implementation of continuous improvement maturity models with regards to engineering best practices, the deployment of flexible and efficient product development methods (Lean, AGILE, etc.), the optimisation of technical and economic portfolio performance, the enhancement of supplier management and implementation of extended enterprise strategies, and project and programme recovery.


Operations connect every step of a space programme, from upstream to downstream, and are essential to closing the gap between strategic goals and performance results. Our core expertise includes helping our clients navigate the Industry 4.0 transformation, by implementing digital tools to optimise product conception phases, improve production-line operations, and develop real-time monitoring of the entire supply chain. To support our customers, our key service offering includes the optimisation of development and manufacturing cycles through innovative tools such as digital twins and collaborative robots (COBOTS), the enhancement of companies’ digital maturity, from road map definition to proof-of-concept realisation, or the integration of a Big Data approach to the existing IT environment.


PwC made the choice to dedicate a team to the space sector 

The challenges of the space sector are various and rapidly evolving. To be able to respond effectively to the needs of the professionals of the sector, both industrial and institutional, PwC made the choice to devote a dedicated team to their specific requirements.

Jean-Philippe Duval
Partner, PwC Space Practice European leader

Jean-Philippe Duval is the leader of Space Practice. With over 15 years of experience advising and supporting organization in their reforms, he has managed successfully large projects and has recognized capabilities in project management, impact assessment, cost-benefit analysis and providing strategic advices. In addition, he is also responsible for the PwC’s sector public in France and French-Speaking Africa.

Jean-Philippe Duval graduated from Sciences-Po Paris and University of Paris-Dauphine.

Email : jean.philippe.duval@fr.pwc.com

Phone : +33 1 56 57 84 61

Luigi Scatteia

Luigi Scatteia has a 14-year experience in the space sector and serves institutional and commercial customers in economic impact assessments, market assessments, technology road mapping, market entry strategies, and due diligences. He is a member of the International Astronautical Federation and also author of several peer-reviewed papers, and of book contributions.

Luigi Scatteia has a PhD from the University of Naples and a MBA from IE Business School. He also graduated from ISU.

Email : scatteia.luigi@fr.pwc.com

Phone : +33 1 56 57 58 46

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