Visitors to our offices

The Program

PwC recognizes the importance of providing a safe and productive work environment. To this end, PwC has put in place appropriate policies to protect its employees, assets, resources and information. A dedicated team of security and safety professionals manage the physical security and safety program and have developed strategies, procedures and appropriate technology.

These measures include:

  • The development of dedicated standards and policies
  • The establishment of standard security systems to control access to the premises
  • A control and audit program to verify compliance with current legislation and PwC network standards
  • Incident response procedures and protocols
  • A staff awareness program on safety and security issues including a safety and security charter and related standards as well as ongoing training.

Physical security policies and standards are aligned with current legislation and in line with PwC standards. The compliance checks conducted by the Security Department give rise to reports and recommendations.

The technologies

PwC has implemented security measures at its premises, including video protection systems, controlled access systems, anti-intrusion alarms and remote video surveillance.

With regard to video protection, the images are recorded and stored in accordance with legislation in force.  Access to this data is only possible by personnel authorized by the Security Department and only if necessary.

Unless otherwise requested by the competent legal authorities, the stored images are automatically deleted at the end of the authorized regulatory period.

The access controls put in place are intended to ensure that only authorized persons have access to the premises where work is carried out.  All sensitive areas within our premises are governed by a more restrictive procedure.

Visitor access

All visitor to PwC premises must be registered by the dedicated reception staff or by security agents. Information relating to the presence of visitors is kept in accordance with the applicable legislation and can only be accessed, if necessary, by persons authorized by our Security Department.

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