Main Trends & Challenges in the Space Sector 4th Edition

The Space Sector is undergoing constant evolution and transformation. To comprehensively understand its dynamics, it is necessary to adopt a holistic perspective. As the global PwC Space Practice, we offer an overview of the trends and challenges impacting the Space Sector through this 4th edition of our compendium "Main Trends and Challenges in the Space Sector".

In this document we underline the influence of global macrotrends on the Space Sector. We then proceeds to provide a detailed analysis of the six space domains: Earth Observation, Satellite Communications, Navigation, Access to Space, Space Safety, and the Beyond Earth economy. The document concludes by examining trends in underlying areas such as space policy, regulation, and governance.

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Luigi Scatteia

Luigi Scatteia

Associé Consulting - Responsable activité spatiale, PwC France et Maghreb