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PwC Insights from Space

Data collected from satellites offers huge commercial opportunities in various industries but its potential has remained largely untapped. PwC’s Insights from Space applies advanced analytics derived from integrating and analysing satellite data combined with other sources to generate deep business intelligence.

What does satellite data bring to the overall data economy?

  • Satellite data provides worldwide coverage, providing the ability for organisations to go back in time, detect and monitor changes on specific areas of interest.
  • Data from satellites is extremely useful when conventional data sources are insufficient, not up to date or if data is not available.

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Why integrate satellite data into your business workflow now?

  • Satellite data is becoming easily accessible by non-expert communities thanks to the increase availability of satellite data for free, through open data policies such as the European flagship programme Copernicus, or at low cost, thanks to the deployment of large-scale constellation of small satellites.
  • Strong advancements in data fusion and cloud computing enable merging various sources of data as well as storing and processing the data on the cloud using machine-learning algorithms, thus facilitating them to make strategic, data-driven business decisions.

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Why is it not widely adopted yet?

There still exists a gap between the technology push from providers of satellite data based analytics, and the specific operational needs of organisations.

Supply side: Providers of satellite data analytics

  • Lack of industry expertise and specific market needs (e.g. in energy, agriculture, insurance etc.) making it hard to tailor products & services
  • Lack of access to the customers across industries along with diverse procurement habits

Demand side: Organisations with potential value from satellite data

  • Lack of understanding of the value proposition of the insights tailored to the organisations along with a business demonstration
  • Lack of knowledge and resources to efficiently absorb satellite-based capacity

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Fresh insights

Based on our internal capabilities in geospatial analytics, cloud computing and data fusion along with our in-depth expertise in Earth observation, “Insights from Space” supports businesses in exploiting the full potential of satellite data for deriving fresh insights.

Our specialised service offering

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Capacity Building

  • Feasibility studies to identify use cases for commercial and technical demonstration based on organisational needs
  • Development of Proofs of Concept(s) (POC) to demonstrate value of satellite data when combined with other sources of data
  • Development of strategic road-maps for organisations to facilitate efficient scaling up of internal capacities to exploit satellite data
  • Design of scalable architecture on which clients will be able to leverage on to build their internal capacities

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Advisory Services

  • Market assessment & demand analysis
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Support in diversification strategies
  • Support in decision-taking related to infrastructure and asset management
  • Policy monitoring and advisory on institutional actions

Our Customer Segments

Satellite data has applications across various industries in a number of use cases. For example, we have worked on the following use cases in the past, using satellite imagery combined with other sources of data:

  • Development of digital tools for farmers for crop management
  • Assessment of large areas in remote regions for market assessment and diversification strategies of gas stations
  • Monitoring of road conditions using to optimise maintenance for governmental bodies
  • Support to policy actions on property taxes across large scale, isolated regions  

Please get in touch to explore how insights from satellite data can be leveraged internally for addressing your organisational needs.

Our Data Sources

We use satellite imagery from Maxar Technologies, along with their GBDX platform for processing satellite data.

We also leverage on open source satellite data from the Copernicus (EU/ESA) and Landsat (US/NASA) programmes.  We can also leverage on data from Planet, based on needs.

Our Analytics

The analytics generated to derive insights is mostly based on open-source algorithms from platforms such as GitHub.

We can also leverage on analytics generated by combining satellite data and non-satellite data from Orbital Insights

Selected credentials

Feasibility study for a Nutrient Management Planning and Farm Sustainability Tool

PwC was contracted to develop a feasibility study related to the development and the implementation of a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) tool at European Union level. This tool should be implemented in the next Common Agricultural Policy as an advisory support for farmers. The team analysed the global landscape of existing NMP initiatives, looking at both public and private initiatives, in order to assess the minimum viable features required to have a sustainable NMP tool for European Union Member States, and has at the same time produced a working technical demonstrator for the main features of the tool.

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Market assessment and support to diversification strategies for a leading oil and gas distributor in Africa

PwC conducted a market assessment for an oil and gas distributor, who wanted to expand the network of gas stations in remote regions and diversify them to provide additional services such as food, beverages, hotels, vehicle maintenance services and recreational activities. Since official data was either unavailable in some cases or not sufficient in other cases, satellite data provided the additional capacity to perform analysis of the market, the competitive landscape, and determine effective positioning of the gas stations and the additional services needed, based on existing demand.

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Development of business models, go-to market strategy and cloud architecture for a new digital offering

PwC was contracted to identify user-centric business cases for a new digital offering for the geospatial intelligence sector (Defence & Security) and develop business models and market positioning for the client. A user-centric approach was used to identify critical end-user requirements and pain-points in order to develop the corresponding business use cases. Additionally, PwC also supported the customer to develop and implement a fully scalable and secure cloud-based architecture, in order to reduce exploitation of open data and social media data.


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Photo: NASA | ESA | CNES | SpaceX | Blue Origin | RocketLab | Maxar Technologies

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