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We are helping our clients in this transversal sector to solve their complex business issues from strategy to execution

Space is a complex sector driven by macro-level dynamics that go beyond simple market forces, requiring a holistic view. 

It comprises multiple domains/segments with different specificities, it is characterised by an ever evolving regulatory and policy environment which can heavily dictate the evolutions of the sector, and it has significant reach and implications into other industrial sectors thanks to the services and applications it enables, with subsequent dependency on general macro-trends. 

Finally, it has considerable wider societal and economic impacts, justifying the still prevalent government spending in the sector. Indeed, Space is key to address growing challenges and needs for global connectivity, environmental monitoring and security.

Issues in the space sector

Our expertise

A tailored service offering

Our service offering is systematically tailored to the various challenges of our customers, such as the digital transformation, by supporting them along all the steps of their projects. 

The PwC space team enables its partners to identify the available levers to generate growth through their projects. Our team relies on a strong sectorial expertise, on demonstrated competencies for strategy definition to the optimisation of operations, and on our access to an international and multidisciplinary network of over 200 000 skilled collaborators. 


With a 100-year legacy in strategy consulting, PwC and its strategy consulting team Strategy& offers a unique “capabilities-driven strategy” approach to maximise its clients’ chances of success.

  • Market characterisation, gap analyses and evaluation of market opportunities and barriers 
  • Assessment of policy options and institutional actions for market development 
  • Evaluation of business cases, revenue projections, business plan review
  • Formulation of end-to-end business strategy, including capabilities assessment, market assessment, identification of potential ways-to-play, M&A and partnerships option, operating models and financial plan
  • Support to M&A: commercial due diligence, market screening & targets identification, equity story, post-acquisition growth strategy

Socio-economic impact assessment

PwC has developed a comprehensive and commonly accepted suite of methodologies to cover the whole spectrum of socio-economic impact assessments. The approach, which has been used and validated on numerous occasions, can be applied to large-scale public or private investments.

  • GDP impact assessments
  • Technology & knowledge spillovers assessment 
  • Non-monetary impact assessments (e.g. Value of Information)
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA)

Governance and operations

We support institutional bodies and private customers involved in space programmes in the analysis of governance and organisational structure to target operational excellence.

  • Governance at country, programme and entity level
  • Identification of funding schemes to support the development of space capabilities 
  • Audit of programmes and agencies governance structures to maximise economic development 
  • Digital transformation


We have supported public bodies to analyse regulations impacting the space sector from upstream to downstream. Our team includes legally trained consultants, supported for in-depth assessments.

  • Support in the drafting of space laws and regulations, including procedure for authorization of space activities including launch and operation of spacecraft 
  • Benchmarking and drafting of space EO data regulations
  • Assessment of the warranty and liability safeguards of Earth Observation and Navigation data 
  • Analysis of IPR, Personal Data Protection and export regulation 

Data Analytics: PwC Insight from Space

Thanks to our understanding of the applications of satellite data and its potential in the overall big data analytics market, we have supported commercial and institutional actors in unlocking the potential of satellite data and deriving unique analytics and insights.

  • Feasibility studies by identifying relevant internal use cases and developing strategic roadmaps 
  • Development of Proof of Concept using open sources tools and cloud-based solutions 
  • Support in developing internal capacity of organisations to integrate insights from satellite data

Photo: NASA

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Luigi Scatteia

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