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We are helping our clients in this transversal sector to solve their complex business issues from strategy to execution

This strategic sector has a significant impact on numerous industries and human activities. The space sector is going through a deep transformation in the various segments of its value chain. As a result of these changes, it is reinventing its business model and speeding up its technological development, prompting the traditional players to review their strategies.

  • Space: a cross-disciplinary sector
  • An industry that influences entire sectors of the economy and society
  • New Space
  • New markets for space data
  • New business models and new risks

Issues in the space sector

A tailored service offering

Our service offering is systematically tailored to the various challenges of our customers, such as the digital transformation, by supporting them along all the steps of their projects. 

The PwC space team enables its partners to identify the available levers to generate growth through their projects. Our team relies on a strong sectorial expertise, on demonstrated competencies for strategy definition to the optimisation of operations, and on our access to an international and multidisciplinary network of over 200 000 skilled collaborators. 


With a 100-year legacy in strategy consulting, PwC Strategy& offers a unique “capabilities-driven strategy” approach to maximise its clients’ chances of success. Whether we are supporting government agencies and public institutions, satellite operators, service providers or industrial players, we provide our clients with confidence that their strategies, policies, investments, and organic capabilities will coherently combine to achieve the desired results.

  • Market characterisation (sizing, trends, competitive landscape, etc.)
  • Evaluation of business cases and revenue projections
  • Definition and assessment of diversification strategies
  • Gap analyses and evaluation of market opportunities and barriers
  • Assessment of policy options and institutional actions for market development

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Socio-economic impact assessment

PwC has developed a comprehensive suite of methodologies to cover the whole spectrum of socio-economic impact assessments. The approach, which has been used and validated on numerous occasions, can be applied to large-scale public or private investments in infrastructure or space programmes. The assessments rely on commonly accepted methodologies and taxonomies to produce results that can be used to support effective decision making and policy design.

  • GDP impact assessments
  • Catalytic and non-monetary impact assessments
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses (CBA)
  • Assessment of intangible societal and strategic impacts

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Governance and Operations

We support institutional bodies, space agencies and private customers involved in major space programmes in the analysis of governance, organisational structure and management of human capital. We look at different organisational, operating, and outsourcing models to target governance and operational excellence.

  • Analysis of national and regional space policies
  • Identification of funding schemes to support the development of space capabilities
  • Audit of space programmes and space agencies governance structures to maximise economic development

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We have supported public bodies to analyse regulations impacting the space sector from upstream to downstream. Our team includes legally trained consultants, supported for in-depth assessments by PwC Société d’Avocats, PwC France’s legal services arm, which operates in the global network of PwC lawyers. This allows for timely relevant expertise that is invaluable in cases requiring an understanding of legal challenges with a regional or global reach.

  • Analysis of the impact of export regulations in satellites and launcher activities
  • Assessment of the warranty and liability safeguards of Earth Observation and Navigation data
  • Analysis of IPR, Personal Data Protection and Export Control related to digital solutions and services derived from space data

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Data analytics

Our team works closely with the PwC Advanced Solutions Development team and PwC Geo Analytics teams. Together, we have supported companies in the technical evaluation and development of their digital services offering, capitalising on data fusion from both space and non-space data. Our team of skilled data scientists can also capitalise on the global PwC network, which counts more than 7,000 data & analytics experts.

  • Analysis and identification of data-driven business models derived from the exploitation of space data
  • Design of new digital products and services based on space data via a customer-driven approach (use case-based)
  • Development of Proofs Of Concept with PwC software teams using scalable and open sources tools
  • Creation of products and econometric models based on geospatial data

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