Investing in France - Opportunities and insights for Indian companies

Juillet 2012

The report was prepared by the PwC "India Business Group" team in France in collaboration with PwC India at the request of the Embassy of India in Paris. 
The Embassy of India in Paris asked PwC to undertake the study to identify opportunities for Indian investment in France and ways of encouraging such investment.

The report addresses the following key questions


  • why is Indian investment in France so low?
  • are Indian companies aware of what France has to offer?
  • what problems do Indian companies encounter when investing in France?
  • are the Indian companies which have invested there pleased with their investments?
  • what opportunities exist in France for other Indian companies?

The report is unique in that it presents a perspective of Investing in France as seen by Indian companies. It is based on interviews of Indian companies and investors, both those with operations in France, and those with international operations, but with none in France.It highlights a number of Indian success stories in France and also some of the key factors behind this success.It also identifies the key factors which have lead these Indian companies to invest in France. 
Based on the testimonies of these Indian companies and our knowledge of both the French and Indian economies, PwC also highlighted a number of sectors in France which we consider are most attractive for Indian companies and which, in particular, would allow them to realise synergies with their current activities in India or elsewhere.


These sectors include the following


  • Aerospace & Defense
  • IT Services
  • Healthcare &, Pharmaceuticals .
  • Value added manufacturing .


The report concludes by making some key recommendations to increase Indian investment in France, including


  • Improving and increasing France's profile in India,
  • Publicising Indian success stories in France,
  • Providing more practical help to Indian companies seeking to set up operations in France,
  • Simplifying administrative procedures, especially with respect to visas


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Investing in France

Opportunities and insights for Indian companies