UK Business Group

France and the United Kingdom maintain very close political and economic relations and cultivate a great many cultural and scientific exchanges.

With its dynamic trade links, the UK remains a top destination for French investors and more than 2,400 French companies are present in the country. In parallel, the UK is also the fifth largest investor in France, with nearly 633 UK companies having set up business there.

In partnership with PwC Société d'Avocats, PwC's UK Desk works in close collaboration with the local teams on the French Desk in the UK to offer solutions tailored to your needs and to the challenges of your industry.

The multi-disciplinary Franco-British team on the UK Desk has built up a wealth of experience over many years and can assist you at each stage of your development, from the initial investigations to optimising your investments in France or the UK, by providing expertise on legal, tax, accounting, financial and strategic matters.


Fabien Cotte (FR/ENG)
Lawyer, Partner
Tel : +33 1 56 57 47 72

Camille Phélizon (FR/ENG)
Audit, Partner
Tel : +33 1 56 57 83 20

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